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Bringin' Back the Nightlight & Fear of Aliens

   William J. Konkolesky is a completely normal guy…he might beg to differ, but he is normal by all of our current standards. He’s a smart dresser, clean shaven, he showers, he’s intelligent and he's the president of our Michigan MUFON (Mutual UFO Network). He also wrote a book about his experiences with aliens and UFOs called "Experiencer."
   I have always had a healthy fear of aliens and UFO's. I had seen one too many Hollywood horror movies involving abduction and the movie Fire in the Sky put me over the edge. I didn't have any interest in watching ANYTHING UFO or alien related after that one. That was the only movie that has ever made my physically sick watching it. So when we met Bill and he told us about his book and experiences as a kid with aliens, it had been years since I allowed myself to read or watch anything about this topic. I was older, maybe wiser, maybe braver...I could read Bill's book no problem.
   So one night, I happened to notice the book sitting on my book shelf and decided to be brave. Chapter one...chapter two.
Painting by Battesimo di Cristo in 1710.
   I kept reading, but the fear was slowly starting to swirl around me like a fog in a bad horror movie and no doubt monsters were beginning to materialize under my bed. I kept on reading.This  chapter focused on moments in Bill's toddler years where he encountered more alien beings and...well that was it. Because that was enough to scare the hell out of me. My years of abstaining from anything alien hadn't worked. A few chapters into the book and I was reliving memories of that damn movie Fire in the Sky and Independence Day at the same moment. If this happened to Bill, this could still happen to me...to anyone! At any given moment. I put the book down on the floor and the alien on the cover looked back at me, this time with a grimace. I flipped the book over and turned off my bedside light. Bad idea.
1 minute...
5 minutes...
Annnnd the light goes back on as I look to see what was moving at the foot of my bed. Oh...my cat. Light goes back off.
1 minute...
2 minutes...
   Light goes back on. I had to use the bathroom. Now I don't normally need a light to get to our bathroom, but the light went on anyways. You know…safety precaution. Can't be too safe, even in your own home I always say...uh yeah. I stepped out of my bedroom and looked into the dark living room, seemingly convinced there was a tall, gray creature standing there, but nothing attacked so I ran into the bathroom. I left the bathroom still looking behind me into the living room and out the windows into the dark woods in our backyard. I'm sure the aliens would love to hide in those woods, spying on me from afar, able to see everything with their giant, black glassy eyes. I scurried back into my bed and turned the light off.
1 minute....
Light goes back on.
   Well this was total crap. I was 28 years old and repeatedly turning on a damn nightlight to fend off little green men from another planet. So the only solution I had was Wayne Dyer, a motivational speaker I'm particularly fond of. I turned my laptop on and cued up his PBS special about "The Power of Intention." I figured, "If I got the power of Wayne Dyer combined with the glow of my laptop...well hell, that should keep the aliens at bay right? Needless to say, it still took me a couple hours to finally fall asleep and I was thrilled to wake up in the morning knowing I had not been abducted...or had I?
   Have I picked up Bill's book to finish reading it? Nope. This one will take a little time to finish. But if you want to get your hands on a copy of Bill’s book, follow this link and read about his amazing and true experiences.

Pick up Bill's book today. 

Interested in UFO's and aliens? Visit the Michigan MUFON Chapter website and become a member!

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